Disobedient thinking

Recently, two of my friends both independently suggested that I check out someone they had heard talk as they thought I would identify with the way she views the world.  These friends don’t know each other but they know me: passionate about customer experience and big on challenging convention.

And that pretty much sums up Geraldine McBride as well.   Both kiwis as well so we could almost be the same person.  Apart from the small fact that she is the ex-President of SAP’s North American operation where she ran a US$14 billion business, is an acknowledged global expert in corporate evolution and is now co-founding a global next generation technology business called MyWave.  Geraldine gave a talk to the Kea Inspire conference recently and there was one thing in particular that resonated with me – the idea of “disobedient thinking”.   It is kind of the same idea as terms like “flipping things on their head” or “zigging when others are zagging” or even the great Steve Jobs quote below.   But I think her way of describing it is so much more powerful as it makes you feel like you are being naughty and that is strangely attractive.

Geraldine reckons that this kind of thinking is part of the DNA in all kiwi businesses and we need to embrace it as one of our competitive advantages which I totally agree with.  A very inspirational person and another great kiwi.

Click below to watch her presentation from KEA on the trends impacting global business today.

And be more naughty this week!


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