Come To A Career Re-Boot Workshop

Thinking of returning to work or want to get a new job that plays to your strengths?

You can find a job that works for you and your family. The next confidence boosting workshop is scheduled for Tuesday November 12th – 10am to 1pm. The cost is $100 (plus gst) and it will be held in a private boardroom at iPress Kitchen in Mt Eden Village. Click here to register.

I am so excited to bring you a morning that will inject confidence and optimism into your plan for returning to paid work.

If you start nodding your head when reading the statements below, then this event is for you:

  • You’re thinking of going back to work after a career break but don’t even really know what you do anymore.  Or where to even start?
  • You need a job that works for you and family. But you wonder do those jobs even exist?
  • You’re working in a job but it doesn’t play to your strengths and you’re just picking up a pay check. You wonder – why aren’t I playing bigger?

In this interactive and practical workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and re-connect with your strengths.
  • Describe and be proud of the additional skills you have learned during your career break.
  • Get clarity on the environments you thrive in.
  • Create your own concise and compelling elevator pitch that will make it effortless to answer that dreaded question  “so, what do you do”?

I will be your facilitator for the morning and I have also designed the content for the Career Re-Boot Workshop. I will share my stories from my 25+ year career as a Senior Marketing Professional in Corporates in the UK, Ireland and NZ, a Working Mother and an Executive Coach. I am passionate about helping women to rise and enjoy specialising in coaching women who are returning to work – either after a career break or from parental leave. I am looking forward to sharing the insights I have gained through partnering with my clients to help them not just survive but thrive in their new normal.

The Career Re-Boot Workshop has been specifically designed to give you the confidence boost you need to start moving forward.  You’ll meet like-minded people and share tips & tricks on getting back into the workforce or securing that next bigger role. The workshop will be held upstairs in a private room at the newly renovated iPress Kitchen in Mt Eden village.  A beautiful light filled room that just bursts with inspiration. Included in the price is morning tea, sparkling or still water as well as the ability to purchase barista coffee during the Workshop. Register and buy your tickets today – click here!

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