Corporate Returner Programmes

As a “Returner” myself I know that when I came back, work looked exactly the same but in fact it was completely different. Plugging Returner coaching into the experience can help to build employee engagement, demonstrate empathy and create advocacy for your employment brand.  And also it just makes work better for the Returner which is a pretty good outcome as well.  

Typically, with corporates, I run a combination of coaching workshops and 1:1 coaching which has the benefit of the workshops giving you scale and impact and the coaching is reserved for those who you are prioritising investment in.

The Returner Workshops have been designed using insights I have been collecting from individual coaching sessions with Returners over my career. I noticed common themes of lack of confidence, feelings of overwhelm and low motivation.  All these points I pick up in the workshops as well as create a sense of community that can be sustained organically. 

As a “Returner”, the reality is that it is hard to balance all the demands on you. Acknowledging this and giving people some time to reflect and focus back on themselves is invaluable. It also mitigates the risk of them getting to the “this is too hard and I’m going to quit” stage.  Helping Returners to stay the course in the middle of their career can help to ensure they are still there when it comes to moving up into Leadership. 

Contact me on if you would like to schedule a 30 minute discussion on how these programmes could work in your business.

I found it really inspiring and also it was also great to hear that I wasn’t the only one who had similar thoughts about being back at work

“It was just really helpful, on a personal, professional and most importantly – a mental well-being level!

Feedback from the October 2019 Cohort Returner Programme.

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