About Me

I always wondered what I was going to be when I grew up. But the only way to answer that question is to try a lot of different things. And that I have!

I have had a whole lot of fun being a marketer, student, friend, mum, wife, daughter, netball coach, sister, cook, customer experience guru, school fair organiser, adventure organiser, corporate warrior, auntie, cricket coach (and I don’t even know how to play cricket), strategy consultant, School Board trustee, finder of Sellotape, straight shooter, and Taylor Swift’s biggest fan.

But in 2018, I decided to get curious about what would really play to my personal why story. And my why is to help women rise. So I qualified as a Coach and joined the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I want to help women move forward into things they want in their life. Getting women back into work that works for them after a career break is very important to me. We won’t change the woeful gender stats at the CEO level unless we keep women in the middle of their careers. Coaching can help them to stay the course when it all seems too hard.

Things I love:

  • Country Music.
  • The Royal Family.
  • Taylor Swift (obviously).
  • Bright lipstick (even though my children complain that you can see it from outer space).
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
  • Office Stationery.
  • Dancing in the supermarket aisle.
  • Oprah.
  • Hunt For The Wilderpeople
  • Brene Brown

Professionally Certified Transformative Coach, July 2018, Coach Masters Academy

International Coach Federation (ICF) approved coach certification programme.

ICF Member Dec 2018

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