About Me

I’ve always wondered what I was going to be when I grew up. But it turns out I was already doing it. I’m a Chief Happiness Officer. It doesn’t matter what role I have had over my lifetime, it has all boiled down to one thing. Finding the fun in the everyday.

And I’ve done a lot of different roles so far in my life. So that is a whole lot of fun that I have had as a marketer, student, friend, parent, wife, daughter, netball coach, sister, cook, school fair organiser, adventure organiser, auntie, cricket coach (and I don’t even know how to play cricket), strategy consultant, School Board trustee, finder of Sellotape, straight shooter, and Taylor Swift’s biggest fan.

But in 2018, I decided to get curious about what else I could be doing with my time and qualified as a Coach as well as joined the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I wanted to focus on helping women move forward into things they wanted in their life. And it certainly leverages the fact that I have single handily kept the “self help” book category in business in the last few years. For my clients, I can curate the very best from Brene Brown,Tim Ferris, Liz Gilbert, Oprah, Seth Godin and many more!

Things I love:

  • Country Music.
  • The Royal Family.
  • Taylor Swift (obviously).
  • Bright lipstick (even though my children complain that you can see it from outer space).
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
  • Office Stationery.
  • Dancing in the supermarket aisle.
  • Oprah.
  • Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Professionally Certified Transformative Coach, July 2018, Coach Masters Academy

International Coach Federation (ICF) approved coach certification programme.

ICF Member Dec 2018

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