Show me you know me

The simple act of recognition can be a powerful loyalty driver. Using your customer’s name, remembering what they bought last time, enquiring about their last purchase.  These are all things that make a customer feel like you know them.  And in this “always on” world we live in today, successful brands will be the ones that make you feel like it is easier to do business with them. A real life example of this was my experience recently when I logged onto my Kiwibank internet banking and I received this message below:

kiwiwbankI thought it was a sweet customer recognition idea.   I love it as it doesn’t cost anything to recognise customers and really makes customers feel that their bank is looking after them – as an individual.  And happy customers buy more from you.  You don’t need a business case to tell you that.

4 thoughts on “Show me you know me

  1. Love this Emma!

    Similarly, Lululemon have a very particular strategy when you try something on in their stores. They ask for your name and scrawl it on a chalkboard on your changing room door. From then on it’s always ‘Amy, how’s that going?’ ‘Can I get you any other sizes or colours Amy?’ etc etc. Then if you buy something and go to pay, it’s ‘Thanks so much Amy, have a good day.’ It feels really strange but also really personal and like they’ve bothered to pay attention to me – not just another customer!

    Costs them nothing, and you bet your bottom dollar I remember it. WIN.

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